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Injecting the West Coast scene with audacious spirit and a kinetic pulse, Smoakland, made up of the dynamic duo Anthony Battaglia and Harrison Hays, are true to the edgy ethos of their Bay Area roots. The pair, who met at Boise State University, merged their shared interests - the smoky charm of cannabis culture and the explosive world of dubstep - to form Smoakland in 2018.

Smoakland's distinctive sound—a gripping fusion of "Old School" Dubstep—has garnered international acclaim, drawing inspiration from industry trailblazers such as Zeds Dead, Eptic, and Mersiv. This unique groove pays homage to their first love, the Afrojack-spun genre "Dirty Dutch", an early vibe that kick-started Anthony's headlong dive into music production in 2014.

Both Anthony and Harry wear their hearts on their sleeves, spinning their personal trials and triumphs into sonic stories. Harry found his muse in a rough patch of life, a transformative period that culminated in his revelation: "Smoakland saved my life." On the flip side, Anthony found his inspiration in a heart-wrenching personal loss. A life-altering moment at Burning Man, coupled with a perfectly timed call from Harry, sparked the birth of their musical brotherhood.

Since they struck their first chord, Smoakland’s journey has been one hell of a trip. Their shared vibe, 100% freestyle, unearths a raw rhythm and flow that only a true bond can bring. Their unique niche, a nod to Bay Area sports and legendary cannabis strains like Cinderella 99, has struck a chord with both the headbangers, critics, and enthusiasts alike.

Smoakland's hit list includes a ground-shaking debut at Electric Forest in 2022 that pulled in a 15k crowd, a riveting performance at Red Rocks under their DnB alter ego Liquid Smoak, and their chart-smashing Deadbeats EP "Smoak Sesh", which shot up to No. 1 on Beatport Dubstep in Fall 2022. The duo is also set to support longtime inspirations, Zeds Dead, at Deadrocks IX in July 2023.

Smoakland's journey speaks volumes about resilience and the power to change. In Harry's words, "You can literally rewrite your life at any given time." Rising from humble beginnings to electrifying masses at Electric Forest and Red Rocks, and leading the High Rollers Tour with Kumarion, Smoakland is just getting started. With their intoxicating tale and their in-your-face talent, the duo is set to continue shaking things up in the music scene.

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